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  4. better late than never
  5. hi from the dive bombing mosquito state
  6. Welcome New Members
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  8. New Faux Finisher
  9. New professional finisher in Des Moines
  10. New to Faux Finish
  11. Iowa Boy
  12. BIG NEWS!! We just hit 300 members!
  13. Hello from Canada EH!
  14. Attention Lurkers And Newbies!!
  15. I love this forum!!!!
  16. I love having faces to go with the names!
  17. Scotty beaming in!
  18. New to this website and need a little help
  19. Guys, your avatars are nice examples to others
  20. Hope to get to know you all
  21. Love those Avatars!
  22. Great Forum!!!
  23. Love the forums!
  24. Welcome, danielamstutz!
  25. Anyone in or around Colorado Springs?
  26. Hello from Michigan!
  27. Hello from a newbie!!!
  28. Another Milestone
  29. Welcome Sis!
  30. adobe style mountain home
  31. just joined and looking forward to meeting some people
  32. Thank you all for your efforts
  33. Finally posting..Hello!
  34. Thank you all for your efforts ...PART TWO!!
  35. Hi y'all! Newby here!
  36. hey all im back again whats new
  37. Hello!
  38. Hello Everyone.
  39. Hi everone! Its Shauna Decker, I finally made it after a year!
  40. 1st job
  41. Looking for varification on Finish #20 from Portfolio Builders in the fall of 2006
  42. Lace Finish HELP....!
  43. Fresh to the Forum
  44. Hello from Seattle
  45. The Safari Finish....
  46. Using leaves in a finish...
  47. new to Faux
  48. a uni student doing faux semi precious looking for advise! :)
  49. Hi Anyone in Florence, Mt.
  50. Interesting site similar to TalkFaux Forum
  51. Cast stone fireplace
  52. cast stone fireplace mantle