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  1. New-bee: Any tips on which classes to take?
  2. New Faux Finish Institute website unleashed
  3. lost notebook
  4. intricacies class?
  5. Which class for embedded lettering technique?
  6. Just got back from Intricacies class...
  7. The first of several exciting announcements from FFI
  8. Inside information I just HAD to hint about!
  9. My visit to Kelly's new facility
  10. History-making first class to stay at the Painted Mansion
  11. July Portfolio Builder class fills upon announcement
  12. Portfolio Builder class in Seattle???
  13. Exciting
  14. Portfolio Builder class feedback
  15. Getting into the Portfolio Builder class...
  16. Who's going to the August 9th Portfolio Builder Class?
  17. Painted Mansion Hosts Portfolio Builder Class
  18. portfolio builder class
  19. The 2 day Quick Start in Seattle
  20. Michel Nadai
  21. Aug. 16 portfolio class
  22. August 9-11 Portfolio Builder Class Feedback
  23. Our August 9-11 time at the Mansion
  24. Welcome back from class, Brian and others
  25. Stopping by the Mansion tomorrow
  26. I always enjoy stopping by the Mansion
  27. Painted Mansion Site
  28. Going To Faux Mansion - Yeah!
  29. PB Class Sept. 6-8
  30. Just sold my 1st Portfolio Builder class sample!
  31. Have your Intricacies class samples been profitable?
  32. Intricacies class
  33. Ride from airport to Painted Mansion
  34. Intricacies in October
  35. September 6-8 Portfolio Builder Class Feedback
  36. Who's going to the October Intricacies class?
  37. Portfolio builder class Sept 16-18
  38. Worried about Kelly
  39. missing our mayor
  40. mural classes?
  41. Seattle PB Class in December
  42. Who's going to the November furniture class?
  43. Looking for concrete classes or info...
  44. Faux Finish Institute Classes
  45. Intricacies Survivors?
  46. Walls II
  47. What is the Portfolio Builder class all about?
  48. signature series textures class
  49. Is there such as class??
  50. Portfolio Builder in Seattle in April
  51. Trompe D'oeil class
  52. "The Edge" Who's going?
  53. Mastering Architectural and Designer Wall Finishes
  54. an advanced class???
  55. Finishers Wanted!!
  56. Designer Wall Finishes in Vegas!
  57. How was the Edge class?
  58. new class
  59. Happy 4th of July!
  60. What's the latest??
  61. Kelly King Update 1/13 /09